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Nikola Teslas laboratory

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Be part of a new Escape Room experience. The adventure of an Escape Room from the comfort and safety of your own home: The Remote Challenge Room!

All you need is a team, an internet connection with microphone and video and you're ready to meet our time travelling special Agent Alex. You and your team must navigate Agent Alex safely through the Escape Room.

Highlight: You can all share one screen or join from individual locations. Regardless of where you are, you are all on the video call together!

  • new experience for 2-6 players
  • 90 minutes gaming fun
  • with a real actor in the room as a part of your team to solve the adventure
  • play via video call on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone from your sofa at home
  • the bigger the screen, the more you can see of the room and the better your experience will be
  • every player just needs a device that is able to stream a video call and has a camera and a microphone
  • we send you a detailed manual, that everyone can easily connect to the video call by „Zoom“
  • the whole game is available in English


You are part of “Project Chronos“ and belong to the exclusive group that was selected for a top secret project. Project Chronos is a research project that tries to recover lost knowledge for mankind.

Your mission investigates the question: Which secret for a new energy source did Nikola Tesla hide in his hotel room before it got lost mysteriously? To get to the bottom of this question, we sent agent Alex to the year 1943 to the home of Nikola Tesla just after his death. But, as a result of the time travel, our time agents are in high danger and often disoriented and can't draw the right conclusions from the situation. For these reasons they need your help!!!

If the agent is not on the departure coordinates at the determined time, he is lost in time forever! You and your team are able to communicate with the agent through a wormhole. You are on duty to help the time agent fulfill his mission. Guide and help him to find the right conclusions, comprehend the mechanics and solve the riddles before time runs out on our time traveller!


The regular price for one group of 2-6 players is 99,- €. For special scheduling please contact us


If you want to play the Remote Escape Room in English, please make a note in the booking, that you want to play in English.

Notice to the participants:

  • Every location you want to connect needs a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC with internet access that is able to stream a videocall. Your device should also have a microphone and a camera. The bigger the screen, the better you will see the objects.
  • The game starts no later than 10 minutes after the booked starting time. If you are not on time, you have not the full 90 minutes left.
  • No minimum age, but we recommend the participants to be at least 14 years.

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